Topic Date Time Location Contact Minutes
Steering Committee Meeting  10-Aug-99
J.Miller / W.Sargent
 Adaptive Optics Working Group  29-Nov-99
 Science Working Group 17-Dec-99
A. Ghez / C. Steidel
Instrument Working Group 11-Jan-00
Dome Working Group 19-Jan-00 UCSC
 Science Working Group 27-Jan-00 CIT M.Bolte / C.Steidel minutes 
Optics Cost and Dome Review 8-Feb-00 UCSC  J. Nelson
Instrument Working Group 28-Feb-00 UCLA I.Mclean
Steering Committee Meeting 9-Mar-00   UCSC J.Miller / W.Sargent
 Telescope & A O Working Groups 26-Mar-00    CIT  J. Nelson / R. Dekany  
Science Working Group 27-Mar-00   UCLA A. Ghez / C. Steidel minutes 
SPIE Large Telescope Meeting 27-31-March-00   Munich .
Instrument Working Group 19-Apr-00   UCLA I.Mclean / R.Ellis
CELT Steering Committee Meeting 13-Sep-00   CIT J. Miller / C.Steidel
Design Team 26-Sep-00 3:00 telecon J. Nelson
Design Team 3-Oct-00 3:00 telecon J. Nelson
Design Team 10-Oct-00 3:00 telecon J. Nelson
Design Team 31-Oct-00 3:00 telecon J. Nelson
Conceptual Design Quarterly Report 1-Dec-00   UCSC J. Nelson
 CELT Requirements and Error Budgets 1-Feb-01    CIT J. Nelson  
 CELT Internal Workshop 2-Feb-01    UCSC  J. Nelson  .ppt (Joe Miller)